Buzzz Tech - A Dedicated System for a Target Population

At this point in time, Buzzz Tech provides a total solution for companies, office buildings, institutions and corporations with over 200 employees (or places that have more than 5 washroom facilities). 

The company’s customers include the leading and most advanced companies in the market, from leading hi-tech companies, banks, airports, hospitals, office towers and commercial areas, cleaning companies and building maintenance companies.

Each company that installed the product for an experimental pilot program even for two to three months, continued to work with Buzzz Tech thereafter, thanks to the combination of the level of cleanliness and quality, together with efficiency and resource savings combined with a particularly high level of service. 

Buzzz Tech continues to keep abreast of the technology and develops new products according to the ever-changing or emerging needs.

The result: A pleasant and clean work environment increases employee motivation, significantly lowers the percentage of complaints, streamlines building maintenance and saves resources.

Our clients range:

Buzzz Tech is a pioneer in the world of Facility Management and facilitates the awarding of a standards mark to the cleaning system.

The company manufactures and deploys a smart IoT (Internet of Things) based technology collection system, that enables the transmission of malfunction feedback in real time, along with a technological alert regarding a future malfunction.
The data, supervision and control directly feeds into the cleaning system, which becomes focused, effective, efficient, cost effective (ROI) and, most importantly, will maintain a much cleaner environment, while increasing user satisfaction. The data are converted into cleanliness indices, processed and fed through a unique algorithm, which presents a numerical value and reflects reality.
The list of respectable customers in the country indicates the type of our customers. We are involved with various and diverse areas of the industry – hi-tech companies, pharma companies, hospitals, airports, hotels, shopping centers, educational institutions and many more.