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Ariel, the Building Manager at Bank Hapoalim - Rubinstein Building

Ariel, the Building Manager at Bank Hapoalim – Rubinstein Building

Ariel, the Building Manager at Bank Hapoalim – Rubinstein Building in Tel Aviv, which includes 44 washroom facilities, says, “In the past, when I went into the washroom facility, I saw that there was a note for me indicating that the cleaner comes in and marks the note with a V or X every top of the hour. I thought, what does it mean to me if she marked that she was here half an hour ago and the washroom facility now lacks toilet paper ?! I did not experience the added value of the workers that I employed.” 

In the majority of office buildings and commercial areas in Israel, matters are conducted in a similar manner.  The main problem in the cleaning concept which has been in place for decades, is that there is no correct information, neither in real time nor and not always in retrospect.  hazard or lack can remain for a relatively long time, or alternatively, a cleaner who comes and cleans up an already clean facility, which is a waste of time. Quite a few managers of office and commercial maintenance companies are looking for ways to streamline the cleaning process and operation at washroom facilities in office buildings.

“It bothered us that we were operating in the field of cleaning in a world that got stuck 20 years ago,” says Eyal Cohen, who is in charge of Bank Hapoalim’s logistics technology. “We were looking for a different, more effective operating model. A model that enables maintaining the satisfaction of the workers. At home a person wants that the surroundings will be clean to his or her satisfaction, and there is no reason that it will not be the same at work.

Nadav, the Housekeeping Manager of a large hi-tech company.

Nadav, the Housekeeping Manager of a large hi-tech company,  occupying floor space of 50,000 square meters, which includes 42 washrooms, states that “the savings achieved with Buzzz Tech in costs do not come at the expense of the dismissal of employees, but at the expense of savings in work hours. The streamlining of the system gave me the opportunity to direct employees to perform additional tasks in other places

Nadav speaks highly of the service he receives from Buzzz Tech: “One of the great things about Buzzz Tech that they are attentive to customers’ needs. When I point out that there is a problem about a particular detail, they arrive in person and learn the problems in the field, how to improve and implement solutions henceforth.  They adapt the solution to the nature of the place.”

Shai, the manager of a large hospital in the center of the country:

Shai, the manager of a large hospital in the center of the country:
What are the cleaning challenges you have experienced from managing a hospital cleaning system before the Buzzz system was installed?
Recurring problems of the quality of the cleaning service, in the public washroom facilities. 
How did the system help you to overcome these obstacles?
It harnessed managers and employees to the process of improving cleanliness where there is feedback from the field and real-time knowledge.
 Instead of going in once an hour in order to clean. It reduces the need for initiated inspections.
Working with Buzzz Tech lead to a significant improvement in cleanliness and in the look of the place.

The Unique Technology that is Changing the Cleaning Process

Anyone who has frequented the restrooms in their place of work can attest to their poor maintenance. The problem does not stem from a lack of resources, but from poor management.
BuzzzTech provide a solution for issues that trouble managers’ peace of mind and impair employees’ quality of life with a smart control system for monitoring building maintenance based on an AI algorithm