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Reporting Station

A reporting station installed at the exit door of the washroom facility, the kitchenette or board rooms, containing buttons that indicate specific shortages such as: Toilet paper, hand wash gel, etc., or deficiencies such as a dirty toilet, as well as malfunctions such as: An unsavory odor, puddles anywhere on the floor and, in practical terms, any problem whatsoever.

Kitchenette TouchPad

Reporting System, operates on batteries

Mini Buzzz 10

Reporting System

Mini Buzzz 10 LED

Reporting System


Reporting System, operates on batteries

Buzzz 22

Dispatching messages and a reporting system integrated into the hand sanitation dispenser

Buzzz 15

A reporting system with added LEDs


Installed on garbage cans, liquid gel containers, paper shelves and which accurately indicate the level of stocks. When stocks begin to run low, the system alerts in advance in such a manner that the stocks will be replenished before a problem arises.

Double Toilet Paper Sensor

A sensor that identifies the height of a stack of toilet paper rolls and alerts prior to the rolls running out.

Paper Sensor, hand drying paper towels

A sensor that identifies the height of the paper roll and alerts prior to the roll running out.

Liquid Sensor

A sensor that identifies the level of a liquid (gel, disinfectant, etc.) and alerts prior to the liquid running out.

The Counter - tallies the number of entries to the facility

Installed in the ceiling of the washroom facility, generally in a concealed, non visible location.

V3 Counter

Tallies the number of entries into the washroom facility, at an accuracy of 98%, using laser technology which guages changes in distance.

R1 Counter

Counts the number of entrances to the washroom facility, with an accuracy of 98%, by means of laser technology that guages changes in distance. The meter includes a bluetooth unit that communicates with the consumables sensors and also includes a beacon for identifying a worker's tag.