Accessibility Declaration

Buzzz Tech considers the value of equal rights and accessibility for people with disabilities to be of paramount importance and acts to allow all its customers, including people with various disabilities, to benefit from the services and products offered by the company.

As part of the company’s operations, accessibility for people with disabilities was built into the website, in a manner that allows surfers to browse the site more easily and in a more convenient manner and a great deal of resources have also been invested so that the content displayed on the website is accessible in a clear and convenient manner. 

The accessibility of the Buzzz Company website includes:

  • Simple navigation of the website pages using only the keyboard.
  • Clear display of the website components. 
  • Change in size of the display font of three levels – A, A, A, on all pages of the website. 
  • Compatibility with various browsers.
  • Compatibility with work in various resolutions – responsive.
  • Sight impaired users – cancellation of colors and turning color into black and white. 
  • Sight impaired users – visual clarity, dark and light.
  • Negation of flashing items – flashing buttons, pop up pictures or any movement on the website page. 
  • Legible font – replaces the font with a uniform font throughout the website.
  • Highlighting of links – Highlighting links on the website by means of an underscore line.


Keyboard navigation: Navigation between topics and fields using the Shift + Tab keys.

The website accessibility level: Website accessibility according to the applicable law is Level AA – 2.

Buzzz Tech continues to act to improve the accessibility of the website as part of its commitment and desire to enable the use of the website by the entire population, including people with disabilities.

We would like to point out that despite efforts to make all pages on the website accessible to disabled users, specific sections of the site may not be adapted to such accessibility. 

Therefore, if, for any reason, the page you viewed is not accessible to your satisfaction, we will be happy to be at your service with any questions, requests for information and / or suggestions for improving the accessibility of the website.

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