Connect and you will get more - all the advantages

When you look at the benefits of Buzzz Tech’s smart system compared to the alternatives available with the existing standard method of cleaning,  you understand the meaning of the slogan: Connect and get more.

An optimal level of cleanliness

The cleaning worker arrives at a specific place where there is a problem in order to handle the problem, compared to routinely arriving once per hour, encountering a laundry list of malfunctions that have accumulated or, on the other hand, cleaning up a washroom that is already clean.

Handling malfunctions in real time

Rapid response on the part of a cleaning worker who comes in to handle real problems that have arisen.

A steep decline in the number of complaints.

Proven results of the Buzzz Tech system after five years of cumulative knowledge.

Time saving

Significant reductions in the amount of cleaning work in washrooms.

Maximum efficiency.

In running the workforce (including real-time tracking and reporting), it is possible to direct manpower to carry out additional tasks that were not previously possible.

A system that is easy to understand and use.

Based on 5 years of actual experience, a relatively short time is required for the company's employees to adapt to the Buzzz Tech system, including the cleaning workers.

Tailoring the system "to fit"

and by unique parameters of each business premises or company. The system updates according to the needs of the customers, including improvement in performance and a new version being released every 6 months.

Implementation of and training on the system.

5 years accumulated knowledge in implementing teh system at leading companies in their fields in the market and in large public institutions.

A high level of service

Parallelling American hi-tech companies. Very attentive to the needs of customers and providing solutions