Hybrid technology is coming to the washroom facilities area in an office building

Through an effective combination of technology and human contact (the meaning of hybrid technology), the Buzzz Tech system succeeds in accurately assessing the cleanliness of the washroom facility in a business work environment at the maximum level. Building management companies and cleaning companies are forced to contend with a systemic shortage of manpower. The use of IoT (Internet of Things) technology to manage and clean buildings is a solution suited to the existing times and for the future.

The smart system knows how to independently choose when and where each cleaning worker should go. even when it comes to huge companies, office towers and commercial floor space with dozens and hundreds of washroom facilities, kitchenettes and dining halls. The name of the game is the maximum efficiency of the entire cleaning system in a work environment, achieved through a timed choice of one of the following alternatives:
  • The cleaning worker enters each washroom facility once every 4 hours or every 100 people (or any number defined by the customers) – whichever occurs chronologically first.
  • Entry is triggered by a dedicated call made to the cleaning worker because of a specific complaint at a particular location.
  • The cleaner arrives due to an alert issued by a sensor that reports a particular shortage.
  • The AI (artificial intelligence) system knows how to predict a recurring fault in a certain place at a certain time – based on existing data collected – and to prevent the next occurence.

As stated, the system independently selects the possible alternative in order to prevent a problem in advance. The result: A huge saving in work time of the cleaning worker and the subsequent streamlining of the system.  The cleaning worker will access the washroom facilities less times.

The Buzzz Tech System - a unique Israeli development.

The Buzzz Tech system is effecting a revolution in changing the perception that was the norm regarding the maintenance and cleaning of buildings in general and washroom facilities and kitchenettes in particular. The main problems in the field of cleaning in the work environment, focus mainly on the inability to properly monitor and supervise the cleaning workers in real time, and the inability to obtain reliable and accurate information and to handle complaints about shortages and malfunctions – in real time.

Buzzz Tech provides the ultimate real-time solution to the problem of cleaning washroom facilities and public areas, using hardware and software designed and developed in Israel.

The Buzzz Tech system consists of a combination of hardware and software:

The Counter - tallies the number of entries to the facility

Installed on the ceiling of the washroom facility and tallies the number of people entering the washroom facility by minutes, hours and days. After the counter tallies 100 entries by people (or any number set by the customers), an alert is sent to the system to dispatch a cleaner to that particular washroom facility.

Reporting Station

A touch screen is installed near the exit of the washroom facility displaying buttons that indicate specific shortages such as: Toilet paper, hand wash gel, etc., a situation of a dirty toilet, as well as malfunctions such as: An unsavory odor, puddles on floors and in fact, any problem.


Fitted to the garbage cans, liquid soap containers, paper shelves the sensors accurately indicate the level of stocks. When stocks begin to run low, the system alerts in advance in such a manner that the stocks will be replenished before a problem arises.


Located at the cleaning supervisor's station teh Dashboard indicates to the supervisor at any given time what the cleanliness situation is in each washroom facility, and when and to where to dispatch the cleaning workers. In addition, the managers of the cleaning and / or maintenance company receive statistics each month that show planning versus execution, the number of complaints, the time it takes to close a complaint, the efficiency of the cleaning time and a graph of the overall score obtained during that month.

AI (Artificial Intelligence) system

Guages the recurring complaints and is able to dispatch the cleaning team to get to the specific place at a particular time and prevent the next complaint.

Real Time Application

Installed on the Supervisor's cell phone, the employees receive alerts from the Supervisor as to which particular washroom facility to go, to handle a specific problem.