The People Behind BuzzzTech

Behind the Buzzz Tech system is the Buzzz TV company, which has been managed and operated SINCE 2015, by four people, each with a defined role in the company.


Avi Anais

Avi is the company joined CEO and the Chairman for the board of directors. He provides the overall company managing, strategy and direction. Avi is a natural entrepreneur founded his first business at 1986 in the car industry and developed several patents on products that led his business to be the leader in the market. At 1995 he became the CEO and a shareholder at Ituranet and at the year 2000 he became the President of Ituran at Latin America (Ituran is a Public company traded on the Nasdaq). Managing over 1,000 employees he led the company to lead the market. His military service was in the Air Force as a guide for the fighter jets F-16.


Ran Sinai

Ran is the company's CEO, founder and member of the board of directors. He provides ongoing management in the company, focusing on both sales and product development that provides solutions that are flexible in the field for customer needs. Since the company was founded, Ran has focused on providing flexible solutions with added value to customers at the senior levels of the industry and is considered to have a deep recognition of the work processes unique to the industry. Ran is deeply familiar with the needs of the position holders of all stripes in the leading companies of the Israeli market. All his life he worked in entrepreneurship and business, his first food business he sold just before he enlisted. In the army and in the reservists Ran serves as a combat armaments officer with the rank of major. And when he got out, he started companies in the U.S. and Asia that were successful and sold. In Israel since 2007 Ran has developed an entrepreneur and managed companies in the field of product manufacturing in China, and innovative asset management products worked and gained experience with the leading companies in the economy and senior positions.


Israel Barel

Israel is the VP of customer service, and director of the company. He provides ongoing management, development and retention of customers, implementation, control and providing unique solutions for customer needs. Until 1989, Israel served as a combat officer in the IDF and until 2008 operated within the framework of the security establishment, where he conducted complex intelligence and operational operations. Since 2008 Israel has been engaged in business entrepreneurship and product development in the field of Judaica, as well as real estate entrepreneurship in Israel and abroad. This is alongside being a personal trainer for decision-making and actual implementation.


Boaz Avni

Boaz is the chief technology officer of the company. he provides the coordination of the technology implement, integrate and design projects concept and solutions for the company. He has 25-year experience in the technology industry and was involve in managing all aspects of IT operations across diverse industries in the far east (Kirz, Pacific Healthcare, Chuisenko). he delivered a solutions and services of software development life cycle (SDLC) for organisations in the north America reign (JP Morgan, Tiqiq). His military service was on MBL on a project of strategy computerise.